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When grasping a nettle…

July 27, 2012


The world is in chaos and the woman is looking for a partner – Bahraini proverb It’s so long since I read a collection of poems that I wasn’t sure how to approach it.   Rather like grasping a nettle I thought.  If you don’t do it boldly you’ll come out in a rash. Let it […]

The proof of the novel is in the reading!

July 24, 2012


Fisherman don’t smell he own basket – Bahamian Proverb There’s lots to like in Buckner’s Thine is the Kingdom.  It’s one of those books that if you picked it up in a swap at a backpackers before a long bus journey or day on the beach, you’d gulp down and feel satisfied.  Well, as satisfied […]

And so to B…

July 17, 2012


Moving on     And so the As are finished and we move on to the letter B.  That’s not to say that we’re a 26th of the way through. Some letters don’t have countries. Where are Xylophonia and X-rayland when you need them? Maybe we can look at xenophiles and xenophobes when we get […]

Oh, What a lovely war!

July 15, 2012


You cannot hit the point of a needle with a fist – Armenian Proverb It is hard as a Western European not to think of the First World War as one of two things: The futile, bloody battles of the Western Front, immortalized by Wilfred Owen, and suffered by many of our Grandfathers and Great […]

Peace be with you

July 3, 2012


Every tree casts shadow on its own bottom[1] – Azerbaijani proverb I’ve chosen this proverb because it gets to the root, as it were, of today’s blog – translation.[2] Apologies for all the footnotes by the way. Why translation? Well, because I’ve just finished (in about 2 hours flat) Amir Pahlavan’s The Ambassador.   I’d love […]