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Thou whoreson zed!

August 16, 2013


Two hippopotamuses cannot share the same hole:  Ivory Coast Proverb In an attempt to change the pace a little, this week I chose to read a play, Jaz, by Koffi Kwahulé.   Little did I realise when I chose Kwahulé, the wealth of material available on him, the frequency with which his plays are performed in […]

Coeval intentions

August 7, 2013


Every word has three definitions and three interpretations: Costa Rican proverb Fabián Dobles Rogdríguez’s  Los años, pequeños días is a haunting little novel.  I say little not only because it’s more a novella than a novel, but also because its scope is ‘small life’, made smaller by the novel’s structure and style.[1] The novel records […]