a Christmas break

Posted on December 15, 2013


cameron-angelFirst, apologies for the month long delay between posts.  Without wanting to sound too much like a 1950s Hollywood starlet –  ‘Dahlings, I’ve simply been too busy.’ It’s the run up to Christmas after all, which has meant eating, drinking, being merry, and generally living liverishly.   Second, apologies for remaining out of order and finishing East Timor before the Dominican Republic.   I am still making headway with the Dominican Republic but, with limited headspace (present buying, food buying, and house dressing occupying one hemisphere and the odd cortex or two), headway has been made as if in a force ten gale. Like my wages, I’m feeling spent.  East Timor, however, has been a short, easy read which I managed to slip in, between two book groups and two writing competition submissions.    I am now submissive or subjugated, probably both.   I’ve certainly succumbed to an outbreak of Christmas cheer and as I write am listening to a Reggaeton version of ‘el Tamborilero/The Little Drummer Boy’.  It seems the cure for Christmas is an inoculation of the tacky, the tasteless and the traditional.  I love it all.

At some point between now and the 25th I will endeavour to write a criticism of  Luís Cardoso’s The Crossing, and to read a few more chapters of Arambilet’s El secreto de Neguri. Frankly, I expect that you’re all too busy yourselves to care about more than listening to King’s College Carols surrounded by the smells of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pine trees, and open fires.   Unless your Christmas isn’t complete without Slade, a Snowball (the drink or the missile), and a snog under the mistletoe.   Whether you’re drinking mulled wine or eggnog, eating mince pies or butter tarts, listening to ‘veni, veni, Emmanuel’ or Morrissey’s ‘I have forgiven Jesus’, I wish you wonderment and peace.